Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chasing the desert sun BUF-JFK-PHX-LAS WN/B6

Having finally bought a nice camera I thought I would post my first trip report.  This report is not to grade an airline but more to enjoy the world from 35,000 feet.

I do hope you enjoy.

BUF-JFK Jetblue A320
JFK-PHX Jetblue A320
PHX-LAS  Southwest 737-700

Next door a United 757 in new colors... Nice rainy BUF spring morning,

Legroom if JetBlue's EML (Even More Legroom) product.
Good morning from 22,000 feet

Flying over my beloved Finger Lakes

What an amazing sunrise!

Wing shot of the mighty A320

Why not a second shot?

Dunkin', water, Lamb of God, and a whole row to myself!

Ripples of the clouds on decent

Good morning NYC

My bird BUF-JFK
Old AA 767-200 inbound from a west coast red-eye

J-E-T-S Jets!Jets!Jets!  Nice aircraft...  to bad it doesn't say Who Dat? :)

EK inbound from DXB

SA inbound from JNB

LAN 767-300

Over the clouds enroute JFK-PHX

Jetblue's Cheer Up!  Very tasty!

Clearer skies reveals the American midwest

Miles and miles of farmland

The blue sky, the clouds and endless horizon

And suddenly...  snow!

Winglet with the foothills of the Rockies

Rugged hills and white snows

Aaaaaand suddenly desert!

From white to brown

From brown to red

Sonoran Mountains

Small airport in the outskirts od PHX

Hello PHX!

Not taken from an airplane but who would argue??

WN 737-300 PHX-MSP

USAirways A321

USAirways A319

All white Mesa CRJ?

Onboard a WN 737-700 PHX-LAS with some mountains beneath

WN winglet over the Sonoran desert

Rugged mountains as we leave the Sonoran Desert and enter the Mojave Desert

Love the raw rugged view

Lake Mead on decent into LAS

Hellllloooooo Vegas!

And thus endeth the trip report.  I would have added the red-eye LAS-JFK-BUF but the combination of exhaustion, hang-over, sleep and a whole lotta dark made it a tad bit difficult.

Look for more trips and my BUF-JFK-TXL and return coming up in fall!!!